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How did they reach the number 1 spot in Gambling world with the best of SERP?

Our client comes from the Southeast Asian Online Gambling and Casino Industry, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Korean etc. and is among the most sought after players in the market. They have been offering a plethora of services in this niche for a good few years now and have made quite a name for themselves for playing it fair. They are licensed, enabling players from around the world to come and try their luck the good old fashioned way and clearing payments/winnings thereof in a timely and hassle-free manner. And yet, even after carrying a good reputation within the community, their online presence speaks quite the contrary, mainly because of the social stigma that is attached to the Online Gambling and Casino industry at large.

The Online Gambling and Casino industry is a niche unlike any other. While every niche is harder to rank higher, this is one exceptionally difficult and competitive for many reasons. The primary one being the social stigma that is latched onto it, which makes link building all the more hard because reputed websites naturally tend to shy from linking back to online gambling and casino websites. And then there’s the issue of sticking to the conventional SEO practices; it is, simply put, not everybody’s cup of tea.

Even though our client had been consistently doing SEO on their website, it got them nowhere. The results turned from bad to worse. It was sometime in 2019 that we got in touch, discussed things and took it forward from there after reviews every little detail.

Here is the information containing the achievements of Thailand, Indonesia and Korea respectively:

Thailand Ranking Stats

The above information shows the factual data of Thailand with a reliable ascent in catch phrases or keywords coming about the improved ranks as well.

Indonesia Ranking Stats

Indonesian figures flaunted an insane rise too with the keyword research as shown in the data for analysis.

Korea Ranking Stats

Korean market likewise required 30 days to hit the floor. There as well, the difficult work did ponders and satisfied our customer.

The figure shows the accumulated development and achievement our group attempted and accomplished for the customers of Thailand, Indonesia, and Korea separately. A similar figure likewise sets an illustration of difficult work and assurance paying off eventually with productive outcomes for the business.

The strategy is nothing but the best of SEOME’s services were put on the table, lead by a highly competent SEO team with prior experience in successfully ranking Online Gambling and Casino Websites from the scratch. Although it was quite challenging, our expert team took it in its stride and started with business as usual. The strategy was to begin with an advanced on-page audit, followed by charting out the way forward both in terms of content and keyword research and analysis. And last but not the least, deciding on which service to execute when and for how long, all in a phased manner.

An extensive and high-level on-page audit was performed by our team, which FYI, is an integral part of each of Monthly SEO Packages. Our team has been doing this for years, day in and day out, with a good amount of expertise to make sure no stone is left unturned, no discrepancy left untreated. We made use of several tools including Google Analytics as well as Search Console. And all this was done keeping in mind the latest techniques and modern methodologies, and at the same time sticking to basics and following a future-forward approach. An audit report for each of our clients was timely prepared and shared for review and approval.

Quite a few cases of keyword stuffing had been found and corrected. Content, wherever found subpar, was improved upon by our experienced content team. Further suggestions were provided to the client. We also recommended starting a separate blog section and updating it regularly with informative and original blog posts in order to broaden their reader base and drive in more organic traffic, consistently.

Most importantly, the content optimization was not done in isolation but only after an exhaustive keyword research and analysis was done by our team and a way forward was decided upon. We used popular tools such as,, and a few others to prepare a list of relevant keywords and some related keywords that could be utilized to their full potential. A Keyword R&A is the backbone of every successful SEO campaign and rest assured, our team made the best use of their skills and analysed every keyword in terms of optimizing spend, increasing conversions, and finding new markets.

After all the pre-campaign steps were executed duly, our team sat down on the table and brainstormed as to which of the services would bring in the best of results. Not only in terms of traffic but authority and brands’ reach as well. It was zeroed down to using Premium Monthly SEO Packs in the beginning followed by and in combination with the former (as and when required), Elite Monthly SEO Pack to deliver the final, deciding blow.

Over the course of one and a half years, web traffic for our client clocked 0-20000 web visitors, a 12x increase, along with a 4x increase in site revenue. It also effectively increased its acquisitions for potential customers expanded its reach to a wider audience through organic search and exposure. Its website is now regularly SEO’d with SEOME's Elite Monthly SEO Package to hold and further improve the rankings using one or more of our services from SEOME’s One-stop Solutions, as per need.

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